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December 02, 2013
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It is really easy! Look the video!

BW-TEST is another open source library. This one is for automating your tests. This time you will be able to do your tests within TIBCO Designer. It allows you to integrate your BusinessWorks developed project to your continuous integration server like jenkins. Also, it allows you to practice TDD! So, you can automate your test. You offer a better service. You use the same tool. You save time and money. Features

  • xunit compatible (tested with jenkins)
  • multiple assertion support by using Assertions.process once in your test
  • test suites support
  • xml and html reports
  • startup once running
  • support running on every request

You can found the source code in http://github.com/nicosommi/bw-test

License LGPL v3 ©2013 BW-TEST

Copyright by nicosommi 🥑